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Spindletop Premium Finance is one of the state’s leading insurance premium finance companies.  Since our inception more than 40 years ago, our goal has been to provide you and your insureds with world-class service and support.  We know that you have a choice and we want to be your first choice for financing insurance premiums.


Our management team represents many years of insurance, business and information technology experience.  We know the types of challenges you are confronted with on a daily basis and we are here to help.


Some of the advantages of using Spindletop Premium Finance include:

  • Easy to use web site
  • A special bonus program rewards your agency for financing commercial lines policies with Spindletop. Click here to learn more
  • Create and print simplified 2 page premium finance agreements
  • Verify funding
  • 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, or 9 pay payment plan options on annual policies
  • Payment options include credit card, e-check, bank draft, check and check by fax.
  • Financing is provided for both personal lines and commercial lines policies
  • Note holders can make payments online


Please contact us if you have any questions or if you need any further assistance.



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If you have any questions, or need any additional information, contact Glenn Moor by emailing him at gmoor@ssuga.com, or calling him at (800) 554-3301 ext. 718.

Did you know?

You can add the bank draft payment option to existing Spindletop Premium Finance notes so long as the payments are current when the change is made. Contact Debbie Amy at (800) 800-2684 ext. 710 to learn more.